Capstone Project 1


Feb21st at 11:59pm


One of the big things you need to get used to is how often you will be called to learn something on your own with little input from your supervisors and colleagues. This project will give you will get the chance to investigate an api, read documentation, write a program and write tests for a program to get our initial creative juices flowing.


Stack OverFlow is as you all know one of the best places for getting tech help. They also have a very nice jobs posting list. You are going to query their jobs posting list and display all job postings that they have that are within 50 miles of Bridgewater. (Hint use their RSS feed and scrape that) and display that data on the desktop in some way.


Write this program in either

include in your zipped submission at least two user stories and a tests file using junit/pytest/unittest with unit and functional tests which show your code to work and be error free.