2D Game Design

2D Game Design



Python from python.org (if you are on linux use your distro's version so long as it is 3.6 or higher. If you are on windows 10 try the new windows 10 store version)


Pycharm is a solid IDE and the one I will support for the class

The Jet Brains Toolbox app ( I'd argue this is the best way to manage your jetbrains products and keep them up to date)

Jetbrains student program You can get pycharm professional and all the other jetbrains IDEs free for one year (for educational use only) by creating an account from your bridgewater email.


The arcade library is the one we will use in this class. You should probably pip install it (from within pycharm)


One of the big issues with python has been distribution to non-programmers.

Pyoxidizer Is a rust program which will create a native executable for your python program

The Pyoxidizer documentation is pretty good.


You need images and sounds (assets) for games. Many of these have small upfront prices on them, but all are royalty free.

Open Game art is a free art exchange Most of the art is offered by artists to advertise their paid work elsewhere.

Itch.io is a mix of free and paid art assets

Game Dev Market is mostly paid assets, with a mix of expensive and inexpensive options.

The Wesnoth project (Battle for Wesnoth) has a lot of images that they make available under a generous license if you need good quality images and sounds for your educational projects here. Just be sure to cite the project if in your documentation.

Lecture Notes:

from time to time I will put my lecture notes here. That won't substitute for your good notes, since they are really meant as note cards for me to make sure I cover everything I need to, but if they help you then great