2D Game Design

2D Game Design

2D Game Design Announcements

Stadia Now - will it last?

for those who want to take the next step into 3d - a humble bundle

China adopts teen video game curfew

The other side of the story: Games for healing

Another opportunity for outlier driven development of laws

What if it was you?

Lots of news recognition of China's effect on games this semester.

Tencent is buying another western game company

the UK Children's Commissioner designates loot boxes as gambling.

a run down of a dozen war crimes in video games.

Gaiming is not a clinical disorder: Oxford University researchers.

====================Midterm and before below here============================

A direct link to the built in arcade simplePhysics engine that does collision checking

Is Google Stadia Vaporware? or are we ready this time? Compare to OnLive - from 8ish years ago

The Blizzard Saga continues with cancelled live events

Loot Boxes in video games It looks like they might get the same treatment in the US that they already have in Europe

======Columbus Day Weekend cutoff=======

Blizzard goes political and takes a side in the Hong Kong issue

Fortnite Sued for being addictive

The article I referenced in class aobut indie developer who saves on art

Steam must allow you to sell your used games in France

Cheaper powerful machines and better AI make a shift in game design.

Mainstream (non-gaming) press tries to explain why games are important to managers and money people.

For the week of Oct 1 Please use This small zipfile of images for our tiled map discussion and demo.

For the week of September 9th you will need these two files: The zip with mimimal arcade.py in it and the image file the python file references: player ship demo image

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Adults with limited time are the fastest growing game revenue stream (2d games are very viable in this space)