J. R. Webb

Associate Professor of History
Bridgewater State University

jrwebb [at] bridgew.edu




Office hours (Fall 2021): Tuesday 2:00pm-3:00pm; Wednesday 3:15pm-4:15pm


Tillinghast Hall 221







Fall 2021


Hist 111& 5  Western Civ to the Reformation


Hist 396  Proseminar - Approaches to European History


Hist 415  Europe in the Middle Ages






Other offerings





Hist 416   The Crusades


Hist 418   Renaissance Europe


Hist 419   Medieval Church


Hist 495  Colloquium: Popes and Emperors in the Middle Ages


Hist 495  Colloquium: Medieval Apocalyptic Thought


Hist 496  Seminar: Twelfth-century Europe


Hist 550  Seminar: Interpreting the Middle Ages






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