Sources for the Investiture Controversy

compiled by J. R. Webb
St-Omer 698

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Print translations (collections):

B. Tierney, The crisis of church and state, 1050–1300 (Toronto, 1988 [1964])
Contains a variety of translated excerpts related to church reform, the Investiture Controversy, and subsequent church-state relations in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.   

M. Miller, Power and the holy in the age of the Investiture Conflict: A brief history with documents (New York, 2005)
Various brief excerpts from texts extending beyond the Investiture Controversy to church reform more generally.  

T.E. Mommsen and K.F. Morrison, Imperial lives and letters from the eleventh century (New York, 2000 [1962])
Contains a complete translation of Henry IV’s letters as well as the anonymous Life of Henry IV.  

I.S. Robinson, The papal reform of the eleventh century: Lives of Pope Leo IX and Pope Gregory VII (Manchester, 2004)
Contains the Life of Pope Leo IX (1050s; BHL 4818), Paul of Bernried’s Life of Gregory VII (1128; BHL 3652), a complete translation of Bonizo of Sutri’s Book to a friend (ca. 1085), and excerpts from Benzo of Alba’s To Henry IV (ca. 1085) and Bruno of Segni’s Sermon concerning simoniacs (ca. 1100).  

I.S. Robinson, Eleventh-century Germany: The Swabian chronicles (Manchester, 2008)
Contains Berthold’s Chronicle (as part of the chronicle tradition at Reichenau) as well as Bernold of Constance’s Chronicle.  

T.J.H. McCarthy, Chronicles of the Investiture Contest: Frutolf of Michelsberg and his continuators (Manchester, 2013)
Contains Frutolf, the anonymous Imperial chronicle, and the continuation of Ekkehard of Aura.

Medieval Italy: Texts in translation, ed. K.L. Jansen et al. (Philadelphia, 2009)
Contains W.L. North’s translations of On treasure from the church of Canossa (1116–1118), 272–273, and Andrea of Strumi’s Passion of Arialdo (ca. 1075; BHL 673), 337–350.

Print translations (individual sources):

O.J. Blum and I.M. Resnick, The letters of Peter Damian, 7 vols. (Washington, DC, 1989–2005)

H.E.J. Cowdrey, The register of Pope Gregory VII: 1073-1085 (Oxford, 2002)

H.E.J. Cowdrey, The epistolae vagantes of Pope Gregory VII (Oxford, 1972)

E. Emerton, The correspondence of Pope Gregory VII: Selected letters from the Registrum (New York, 1990 [1932])

I.S. Robinson, The annals of Lampert of Hersfeld (Manchester, 2015)

R. Ziomkowski, Manegold of Lautenbach: Liber contra Wolfelmum (Paris, 2002)

Online translations:

G.A. Loud, University of Leeds (Medieval history texts in translation)
    Lampert of Hersfeld, Annals (1077–1079) (excerpts)
    Bruno of Merseburg, The Saxon War (ca. 1082) (excerpts)

P. Llewellyn, Extracts from two anti-Gregorian tracts (at
    Peter Crassus, A defence of King Henry (1084) (excerpt)
    Wido of Ferrara, On Hildebrand's schism (1086) (excerpt)

W.L. North, Carleton College (Medieval and Renaissance Studies: Primary Sources)
    Arnulf of Milan, Book of recent deeds  (1072–1077) (link)   
    Trial of kingship and priesthood (1083–1084) (link)
    Bruno of Segni, A pamphlet on simoniacs (1094–ca. 1100) (link)
    Sigebert of Gembloux, Letter of the people of Liège against Pope Paschal II (1102) (link)

E.F. Henderson, Select historical documents of the middle ages (London, 1903), 351–409