A Virtual Virtual Tour

Making a Faculty Web Site More Than a Calling Card

Created 5/1/98 - Revised 4/2/99
(Many thanks to Linda Beith for technical support.)

A virtual tour is a tour of a real place that takes place in Cyberspace. But what if the "place" you are touring exists only in Cyberspace? In my opinion, that would be a virtual virtual tour.

In this case, the tour will be of my web site, James Hayes-Bohanan's Geography Pages, which is designed to support my work as a geographic educator at Bridgewater State College.

The tour was designed for use at Bridgewater's CART Celebration in May, 1998, and revised for the Massachusetts Council on International Education Spring Workshop in April, 1999. It is posted on the Web so that participants in these events -- and others interested in web-enhanced teaching -- may return to the tour. If you wish to inquire beyond what is presented here, contact me at jhayesboh@bridgew.edu.

New! If this interests you, you may also wish to visit the web site for BSC's Teaching and Learning with Technology conference, in which I participated.

Coming soon: Information about my experience with Lotus LearningSpace, which I now use in all of my classes. Contact me if you are interested in learning more before I get materials posted.

WARNING: This tour is very graphic-intensive. I recommend that you take it only if you have a fast connection such as ISDN or T-1. Even a 28.8 modem does not work very well. Sorry.

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Table of Contents

A Virtual Virtual Tour
Why Use the Web?
To Use This Tour
The Home Page
What to Include in a Faculty Site
Course Materials
Special Class Notes
Outside Links
Non-Course Geographic Content
Interactive Web Tools
Author: James Hayes-Bohanan, Ph.D.

Email: jhayesboh@bridgew.edu

Home Page: http://topcat.bridgew.edu/~jhayesboh