Dr. Hayes-Bohanan's Interactive Crossword Puzzles

The puzzles listed below are designed to help students learn vocabulary and other basic material that is best studied independently. See instructions below before the first attempt, and return to this page to see the list grow.

Current Selection of Puzzles

*** NOTE: These crossword puzzles are not working properly at the moment. Sorry for the incovenience!! Check back soon ***
GE 196: Environmental Geography GS 358: Geography of Latin America

Instructions for Educational Crossword Puzzles

(Many thanks to Antony Lewis for creating Crossword Compiler 5.02, and to Dr. Chandra Balachandran for introducing me to it.)

Take just a minute to learn how to navigate the puzzle. A java-enabled browser is required. If you can see the puzzles on their respective pages, you have a java-enabled browser.

    The active word is always highlighted in grey.
    The active letter is always highlighted in yellow.
    The active clue is always highlighted in red.

If you type a letter on the keyboard, it will be entered in the active letter square, and the cursor will move to the next letter in that word.

Spaces are not included in answers. Wizard of Oz would be entered as WIZARDOFOZ .

You can use arrow keys or the mouse to move from word to word or letter to letter. Some times you will find that the word you are looking at is perpendicular to the word you have highlighted. You will quickly learn how to adjust.

When you have completed the puzzle correctly, a small congratulatory note will appear on your screen. You can then print the page for future reference, or return to the page later for practice.

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