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Revised July 25, 2007
As a geographer I have interests in just about everything, and on this page I bring together links to quite a range of subjects. In my own mind, they are all connected! The first item is my own effort to organize a large number of interesting sites into some categories that make sense to me, with annotations that I hope make sense to readers. The rest of the pages are mainly my own creations; they tend to be on the fringes of my academic field.
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A few hundred of my favorite sites on geography , the web , the environment , Latin America , fun , and more -- all carefully screened and fully annotated. This is like a miniature version of the Yahoo directory, organized according to my own professional and personal interests.
Geographic Food for Thought
WalMart WalMart Find out why WalMart is bad for business, and participate in the greatest grass-roots movement in movie history.
A similar movement is growing around a movie about corporate misdeeds of all kinds -- The Corporation .
A page I created for a faculty-development workshop, to help professors think about ways to improve and promote their web sites. May 2005 update includes advice on making sites easy to find through google .
Thoughts on the meaning of the World Wide Web from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and others. Updated in April 2001 to include new theoretical work on evolution.
Ideas for personal action to reduce our impact on the environment and make a difference.

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