Little Gym Finale

On January 31, 2003, Paloma finished another semester at the Little Gym of Raynham, which we love because it encourages students to develop motor skills and get good exercise without becoming obsessive about performance. She loves it, too, and we've become friends with fellow student Jordan and her dad, John (who is a graduate of Bridgewater State College!).

Here are some photos from the semester finale.
Ms. Jessica, Mr. Rick  and Ms. Lynette are the fearless leaders.

Paloma especially loves to tease Mr. Rick!
John & Jordan
Jordan gets ready to perform.
Paloma is all akimbo as she tries her cartwheel in this fuzzy action shot!
Jordan  - beam

Jordan and Paloma both love the balance beam!

Paloma beam


Another favorite is the uneven bars, though it makes Mom and Dad a little nervous!

More group
A couple of graduation line-ups.
Everyone knows that the best part of gymnastics is the foot stampers at the end. For this special occasion, the stampers were blueberry-scented. These kids were trying to get everyone to smell their feet. I wish I were so limber!

Here they present their diplomas for a job well done!
These girls love the camera!

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