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PA - Pennsylvania
Updated July 26, 2007

Learn more about Pennsylvania and see the county names at Yahoo's Pennsylvania page.

Literally, Pennsylvania means William Penn's personal forest, one of two states owned by this leading Quaker. For me, unfortunately, PA has usually just been a beautiful drive along the way to somewhere else. In the early '00s, we did enjoy a couple of visits with friends in West Chester.

In July 2007, we had our first visit to Bradford County by driving along I-86 between Elmira and Binghamton, New York. The highway veers just enough south to have a mile or two in the Keystone State.

So far, I have visited the counties shown in yellow.

I have been to 40 out of 67 counties in  Pennsylvania. 

For a very clear map with the county names, visit Delorme's Pennsylvania Counties page.

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