Geography of Coffee -- Coffee Brewing and Preparation
Geography of Coffee
Matagalpa Study Tour -- 2009
James Hayes-Bohanan , Ph.D.
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UPDATED July 7, 2009

I have expanded this site's information about coffee shops, coffee roasters, coffee tours, health effects, and coffee preparation, and have moved that information to other pages. You can continue the exploration at my the main coffee page.

This page is about my January 5-15, 2009 study tour in León, Estelí, Matagalpa, and Granada. See my Coffee-Nicaragua page for stories, insights, and photographs from the 2006 and 2007 study tours.
Cafezinho - Brazil
Cafezinho in Florianópolis
The Coffeeland Landmine Victims' Trust connects the coffee industry to landmine victims throughout the coffee-growing areas of the world. Unfortunately, this includes the Contra War area of Nicaragua. This year the journey takes us back to Ben Linder's grave in Matagalpa, but also to the Ben Linder café in León, which was established with the help of Deans Beans. It honors the martyred North American engineer while helping farmers and victims of land mines. It is also a source of something rare in commercial establishments in Nicaragua: a decent cup of coffee!
Matagalpa Tours -- To know the unexplored of northern Nicaragua
"To know the unexplored of northern Nicaragua"

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Tour Overview
Nicaragua Coffee Map
Intrepid Coffee Travelers
Photo credit: Pam Hayes-Bohanan, a very good sport!

Most of the student participants gathered at my house in Bridgewater for 4:00 a.m. limo rides to the airport (where we met two more). Of course, we had some freshly roasted, fair-trade, organic Nicaraguan coffee from Dean's to fortify us for the journey!
January 5 to 7
León to Estelí
January 7 to 9
City of Matagalpa
January 9 to 11
Selva Negra Coffee Estate and Hotel (close to Matagalpa)
January 11 to 13
La Corona Community (close to Matagalpa)
January 13 to 15
January 16 (12:30 in the morning)
Boston --- brrrr!

Please see individual links (by date) above for additional maps and photos. This site will be updated as feasible during the tour, and more fully in late January.

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