This page is taken from a popular postcard dsigned by Dan Kaufman Graphics (PO Box 33714, Washington DC 20033-0714)

The purpose of the card and this page is to explain why it is not enough to say that GLBT people should be tolerated. Until none of the following is true, concerned people need to keep working - not for "special rights," but for simple human rights.
  • gay men and lesbians are discriminated against in housing and employment AND
  • because how we act is more important than who we are AND
  • if we get harassed it's our problem AND
  • if we get attacked we provoked it AND
  • if we raise our voices we're flaunting ourselves AND
  • if we enjoy sex we're perverts AND
  • if we have AIDS we deserve it AND
  • if we march with pride we're recruiting children AND
  • if we want or have children we're unfit parents AND
  • if we stand up for our rights we're overstepping our boundaries AND
  • because we are forced constantly to question our own worth as human beings AND
  • if we don't have a relationship with someone of the opposite sex we haven't given it a chance AND
  • if we have a relationship with someone of the same sex it is not recognized AND
  • we are told our love is not "real" AND
  • if we come out of the closet we're just going through a phase AND
  • because lesbian and gay history is virtually absent from literature AND
  • because homophobia is sanctioned by the Supreme Court AND
  • ... for lots and lots of other reasons (I would include the numerous physical assaults and murders that GLBT suffer every year in America),

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