Three Days
Eight Weeks
One to Two Years
By three months of age the eaglets are ready for fledging, or taking their first flight. If they are lucky, they will flutter to a nearby perch and later fly back to the nest. If they are unlucky, they can end up on the ground. Some will die because they cannot return to the nest on their own.

The bald eagle is not born with its distinctive coloration. Eaglets go through a series of molts before they achieve adult plumage at four to five years of age. Once this milestone of adulthood is reached, young birds retain their easily recognizable feathered splendor all their life - a span of up to fifty years or more.

Young eagles stay with the adults for approximately eight weeks after leaving the nest. The young soon learn to hunt for their own food. Eagles that survive difficult first years of life can live to be up to forty years old. Some eagles, which have been kept in captivity, have lived to be as old as fifty years old.

Three Years
Fully Mature