Course Schedule: GEOG130-Y01
Environmental Geography Web Course ~~ Summer I

Dr. James Hayes-Bohanan
VERSION: June 19, 2008
(subject to change with notice)

This is an 80/20 class. It will meet only on the dates indicated, but students are strongly encouraged to meet individually with the professor as often as the need may arise. Students can also decide to study together in groups, just as they would for other classes.

The course has been designed to minimize on-campus time requirements, but to make maximum use of the time that is spent on campus. For this reason, it is imperative to attend all of the sessions indicated below. If you have prior plans that conflict with ANY of the scheduled meetings, I recommend that you do not take the course at this time.

Chalkboard sessions cover topics or approaches that work better in class than online. They also provide a chance for students to get to know each other.

Summer-One 2008 Mandatory Meetings on:
5/29, 6/19, 6/26
Course Completion June 30

SUMMARY of In-Class Meeting Times
Meeting Date
All meetings are 10:45 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.
Meeting type
Thursday, May 29
Thursday, June 19
Thursday, June 26

The work in this class follows a weekly rhythm, according to the chapter numbers of the text book. Note that some chapters are not included. The work schedule below indicates each week by the Monday date. Within each week, work must be done as described below. Students are welcome to log in on evenings, mornings as long as the comple the work within each weekly time frame. Students should plan to login several times each week -- almost daily is best. We will cover two to three chapters each week.

This means two things are "due" at the same time. If this does not work for you, figure out which one you would like to complete first!

This schedule is flexible enough that holidays do not affect it (other than influencing my choice
of actual meeting times). In other words, please work around the holidays!

Each exam covers the chapters listed above it, plus recycled questions from prior exams, as described in the syllabus.

Weekly Schedule of Topics
Week of ... 
(Mondays are shown)
Chapter to be discussed
NOTICE: We skip some chapters!
Due dates: quizzes -- papers -- discussion
Each due date is "NLT" meaning "no later than" midnight on the date specified.
Students are encouraged to complete each task much earlier.
Each Chapter Forum -- where the real work takes place --
is open from Monday through the following Sunday.

Please do not wait until Sunday night to participate, though!
May 26
NONE: Orientation  May 29
Includes classmate photos!
Chapter 0: The Story of Stuff (not in Cutter/Renwick)
June 2
Chapter 0 paper due Mon June 2
Chapter 1: Natural Resources
Chapter 1 Quiz due Thur June 5
Chapter 3: Environmental Ideology
Chapter 3 Quiz due Thur June 5
Chapter 1 & 3 discussion forums open June 2 through June 8
June 9
Chapter 1 paper due Mon June 9
Chapter 4: Ecology
Chapter 5: Population
Chapter 6: Food & Agriculture
Chapter 4, 5, and 6 discussion forums open June 9 through June 22
June 16
Chapter 7: Forests
Chapter 4 Quiz due Mon Jun 23
Chapter 5 Quiz due Mon Jun 23
Chapter 6 Quiz due Mon Jun 23
Chapter 5, 6, 7 discussion forums open June 16 through June 22.
June 23
Chapter 12: Global Climate
Chapter 12 Quiz due Wed June 25
Chapter 12 forums open June 23 through June 27.
(Note -- ends Friday, not Sunday.)
June 30
(Will be available Thursday evening June 26 through Monday.)

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