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LA - Louisiana

Learn more about Louisiana and see the county names at Yahoo's  Louisiana page.

I've been to Cajun country only once, but I had one of the best meals ever while I was there, and Tabasco™ is one of my favorite beverages :-)
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I feel that I know New Orleans, though I have only driven through it briefly. Not only is it the setting for some great movies, but it is also of particular interest to physical geographers, because it is a major city operating below sea level and adjacent to a large lake and river. This makes the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans a particularly important institution. Its web site brags -- without exaggeration -- that the SWBNO tackles the "world's toughest drainage problem."

The opposite problem also afflicts New Orleans. The only thing worse than an overflowing Mississippi River would be a non-flowing Mississippi River. New Orleans would have ceased being a river city decades ago were it not for Old River Control. I first learned of this in John McPhee's extraordinary book, The Control of Nature.

So far, I have visited the counties shown in yellow.

I have been to 12 out of 64 counties in Louisiana. 

For a very clear map with the county names, visit Delorme's Louisiana Counties page.

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