Twelve Terrible Topics

The topics listed below have not only been done to death, but are also extremely difficult to write about with originality and authority in an undergraduate writing project. Therefore, these subjects, in any variation, may not be the basis for your research work.

1) Drug abuse - in ANY form, including steroid use by athletes in any sport, and any consideration of the legalization of marijuana.

2) Gay marriage

3) Abortion

4) Capital punishment

5) Gun control

6) Living wills and euthanasia

7) Battered women - spousal abuse

8) Alcoholism or any consideration of altering the legal drinking age

9) Environmental concerns about the rainforest or global warming

10) Eating disorders - anorexia/bulimia

11) Animal experimentation or abuse

12) Child abuse

Now that all those topics are off-limits, what CAN you use?

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