John Pike

Office: DMF 435
Email: john DOT pike AT bridgew DOT edu
Mailing Address:
Mathematics Department
Dana Mohler-Faria Science & Mathematics Center, Room 431
24 Park Avenue
Bridgewater, MA 02325


I am currently an associate professor at Bridgewater State University and am serving as the graduate chair in the math department.
Before coming to BSU, I was a postdoc at Cornell University, and before that I was at the University of Southern California where I received my PhD under the direction of Jason Fulman.

Additional information can be found in my C.V.


For the Fall 2021 semester, I will be teaching Math 162 (Calculus II), Math 401 (Introduction to Real Analysis I), Math 403 (Probability Theory), and Math 518 (Topics in Analysis).


My research is primarily concerned with probability theory and its applications. I am particularly interested in Markov chains defined on algebraic and combinatorial structures and in distributional approximation using Stein's method techniques.

Feel free to check out these papers for further details:

Probability Notes

Those interested in an introduction to probability are welcome to look at my old notes for Elementary Probability, Probability Theory I, and Probability Theory II.