MATH 325 Semester Schedule, Spring 2010

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Below is a tentative schedule indicating what topics will be covered on what dates. Due dates for quizzes, homework and in-class assignments may also appear on this schedule.
This page will be revised as the semester progresses.

Dates Material Covered
1/20 Introduction to the Course
Preface: p. ix
Ch. 0: pp. 3-4
Ch. 1: pp. 8-11
Lecture 1
1/25-1/27 Axioms and Proof
Section 1.2 - Theorem 1.4.3
Lecture 2
Lecture 3
Homework 1/25: Post a question about the proof on page 15.
Homework 1/27: Explain why a combination of two isometries (e.g. a translation followed by a rotation) is still an isometry.
2/1-2/3 Sections 1.4-1.6
Lecture 4
Homework 2/1: Post an answer to one of the questions about page 15.  Do exercise 1.15.  Bonus 1.13(SAS)
Lecture 5
2/8-2/10 Section 1.6 Lecture 6
Homework 2/8: Exercise 1.23 (explain your reasoning, but a formal proof is not required), 1.24 (You may assume that the result of Exercise 1.14 (ASA) is true.)
Section 1.6, review for Test 1, symmetries of plane patterns.
2/10: Snow day.
2/15-2/17 President's Day holiday
Review for Test 1
Bring scissors, tape, and red and blue pens to class.
2/22-2/24 Test 1
Section 1.7
Homework 2/24: Referring to Figure 1.17, prove that if B' and C' are midpoints of their respective edges, then line B'C' is parallel to line BC.
Lecture 7
3/1-3/3 Angle Vocabulary
Lecture 8
Lecture 9
Section 1.9
3/8-3/10 Spring Break
3/15-3/17 Lecture 10
Project Proposals Due 3/15
Straightedge and Compass Construction
Homework due 3/17
Lecture 11
3/22-3/24 Lecture 12
Lecture 13
Straightedge and Compass Construction
Homework due 3/24: Exercise 3.1. Hint: Think about what happens if you repeat the construction from Theorem 3.2.2 with O and S as the base points.
3/29-3/31 Straightedge and Compass Construction
Lecture 14
Review for test
Test 2 3/31
4/5-4/7 Lecture 15
Lecture 16
Homework due 4/7: Read pages 196 and 223-224. Post a question about the reading to the message board, or explain why you think some familiar theorem from plane geometry is not true in spherical geometry.
Spherical Geometry
4/12-4/14 Homework due 4/12: Is it true that the perpendicular bisector of a spherical segment AB is exactly the set of all points P for which |AP| = |BP|? Prove this or discuss why you cannot. (Hint: See Lecture 14.)
Lecture 17
Lecture 18
Hyperbolic and Taxicab Geometry
Homework due 4/12: (Extensions available on request.) Read pages 122-124. Post a question to the message board or respond to a classmate's question. (Your response need not be an answer, but it should at least expand on the question you responded to.)
Sections 5.1-5.3
4/19-4/21 Patriot's Day holiday
Project due 4/21
Lecture 19
Taxicab and finite geometry
4/26-4/28 Lecture 20
Test 3 review.
Test 3
Late homework due 4/28
5/3-5/5 Review for Final: Study proof of side-side-side, Euclid's axioms, axiom equivalence, triangle congruence, similar triangles, Star Trek Lemma, construction and proofs related to construction, definitions in spherical geometry, differences between spherical, plane and hyperbolic geometry.
Cumulative Final Exam: May 5, 11-1
Test redo due 5/5