MATH325 Grading

The purpose of this document is to give you an idea of how your assignments will be graded.  If you have questions or concerns about this grading process, please email them to


Score Post
5 You have "put your finger on" a crucial point of the proof or theorem.
For example, asking if order of operations is important in a proof that the sum of all integers is 0.
4 Your question is about an important point in the proof and you have clearly put some thought into it.
For example, asking if it's also true that the sum of all rational numbers is 0.
3 Your question is a good one but doesn't reveal your personal attempts at answering it.
For example: "How can you add infinitely many numbers?"
2 Your question is only tangentially related to the topic.
For example: "Are there more real numbers than integers?"
1 Your question is not very relevant to the proof.
For example: "Can we use S instead of Σ for the sum?"
0 No question asked.


As of the start of the class, answers to homework problems and answers to message board posts will be graded similarly.
Score Response
5 You correctly use geometric reasoning to give a clear answer to the question.
4 You correctly use geometric reasoning to answer the question.
3 Your answer is correct but it is not always clear what axioms and lemmas you use in it.
2 There are minor errors in your answer, or your answer is confusingly disorganized.
1 Your answer is incorrect or misleading.
0 No answer given.