MATH 113: Statistics Take-home Quiz

REQUIRED: Source of your article, references you consulted, people you worked with:




  1. (20 pts) Copy or print out an article which uses a graph to present numerical data. Attach it to this page.
  2. (10 pts) Briefly describe the type of chart and the data presented in the chart or graph. For example, you might write "Line graph showing average salary of Massachusetts first grade teachers, 2000-2010" or "Pie chart showing sources of revenue of the U.S. government".




  3. (20 pts) Why did the authors publish this figure? To support the argument that teachers are underpaid? To show how important corporate income taxes are to the economy? If you're not sure how to answer this question, re-read the first and final paragraphs of the article in which you found the chart.





  4. (15 pts) Do you think the graph is deliberately misleading? Support your answer with some discussion.





  5. (15 pts) Do you think the graph tells the "whole story"? For example, does it take into consideration important factors like inflation and deficit spending? Describe how the graph succeeds or fails at this.







  6. (20 pts) Interpret the graph in some way that is not discussed in the article. For example, "average salaries decreased 2% between 2004 and 2006" or "import taxes account for less than 5% of government revenue".







Bonus: (5 pts) Attach a page on which you display the same data in a different format (e.g. dot plot instead of line graph, bar graph instead of pie chart). Explain why you think the authors chose the format they used.