MATH 113: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II
Schedule, Spring 2012

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This table is intended to provide a general overview of the course. Depending on which section of MATH113 you are enrolled in, you may be a week ahead of or behind the material listed here.

The final exam is cumulative, with an emphasis on material covered in the last weeks of the course. The midterms focus on the material covered since the last midterm (or the start of the course).

Week Material Covered
1/18 13.1: Organizing and Representing Data
Sample data
1/23 13.1, 13.2: Interpreting Data
Documents: Num. Grad Studs, Factbook 2010-2011, Apple Pictograph, Candy Pictograph
Stem and Leaf Plot used in a publication.
1/30 Box plots
Misleading Charts
14.1: Experimental Probability
Practice problems
2/6 Quiz 1 due M/T
14.2, 14.3: Counting and Combinatorics Possible 15 minute quiz
2/13 14.4: Classical/Theoretical Probability
2/21 No classes Monday, 2/20.
First midterm on Tuesday/Wednesday on chapters 13,14
Review page
(Possibly incorrect) solutions
Normal Distribution Calculator for use with homework assignment 2.
2/27 14.4: Classical/Theoretical Probability
Worksheet on theoretical probability 9.1: Figures in the Plane
3/5 Spring Break
3/12 Angle Vocabulary
9.2, 9.3: Figures in the Plane and in Space
10.1-10.2: Measurement, Area and Perimeter
3/19 Platonic solids
Johnson solids
10.3-10.4: Surface Area, Volume and the Pythagorean Theorem
Quiz 3 (short report) due Tuesday/Wednesday.
Area Worksheet
3/26 Second Midterm on Tuesday/Wednesday on Chapters 14, 9 and 10
Review Page
4/2 Area & Perimeter worksheet
Quiz 4: Pythagorean worksheet
Pythagorean Theorem proofs (Optional)
4/9 10.4: Volume
Take Home Quiz 5 due 4/17 or 4/18
11.1: Transformations
Escher pictures
Mirror Symmetry
4/16 Rotational Symmetry
Applying Transformations
11.2-11.3: Patterns and Symmetries
Volume and Surface Area
4/23 Polyhedral Nets
Isometric Drawing Tool
Triangle Congruence and Similarity
Review for Final
4/30 Monday, 4/30 is the last day of class
Final Exams