MATH 112: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I
Homepage, Fall 2011

Syllabus | Student Outcomes

Section 005: Tuesday and Thursday, 3:25-4:40, Burnell Hall 103
Section 009: Monday and Wednesday, 12:20-1:35, Burnell Hall 110
Instructor: Heidi Burgiel,
Office Hours: Hart 227. Tuesday 12-1, Wednesday 11-12, Thursday 11-12, and by appointment.

This course develops students' understanding of the mathematical concepts of number and operations, and the properties of number systems at the deep level required for successful elementary school teaching in ways that are meaningful to pre-service elementary teachers. Topics will include place value and arithmetic models, mental math, algorithms, prealgebra factors and prime numbers, fractions and decimals, ratio, percentage and rate, integers and elementary number theory.

This course satisfies the Foundations of Mathematical Reasoning core requirement (CMAR).