HSED422 / MSED456: Strategies for Teaching Mathematcs
Assignment Schedule Fall 2005

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Teaching Practice
Teaching Theory
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9/8/05 Announcements and Handouts   This year's theme: Understanding Mathematics
Excerpt from Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics, by Liping Ma.
Calculus II Handount on Present Value
9/15/05 "How can we motivate 7th and 8th grade students to focus on activities?" Lisa Corliss Patterns, Relations and Algebra, Grades 6-8
Solving equations, Kevin Quigley
Geometry of Transformations: Teacher and Unit Under Construction. Mathematics Teacher v. 99 no. 2 (September 2005) p. 88-92
Heidi Burgiel
9/22/05 "Should teachers (be required to) give make-up tests?" Melissa Machado Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability, Grades 8-10
Statistical analysis of a bag of M&M's, Patricia Eddy
Innumerate and Proud of It, Crystal Nilsson
9/29/05 "How do we maintain our energy and our students' motivation through the end of the school year?" Patricia Eddy Measurement, Grades 6-8
Triangles, and the Diameter and Circumference of a Circle, Lisa Corliss
Curcio, F. R., et. al., Providing Meaningful Fieldwork for Preservice Mathematics Teachers: A College-School Collaboration. Mathematics Teacher v. 98 no. 9 (May 2005) p. 604-9 Kevin Quigley
10/6/05 "How do we divide our time between students who acquire concepts quickly and students who do not?" Courtney Talbot Geometry, Grades 8-10
Properties of isoceles and equilateral triangles, Crystal Nilsson
Martinez, J. G. R. Thinking and writing mathematically: "Achilles and the tortoise" as an algebraic word problem. Mathematics Teacher v. 94 no. 4 (April 2001) p. 248-52 Melissa Machado
10/13/05 "What do you do when your school administration confronts you to complain about low standardized test scores?" Fred Michaud Measurement, Grades 8-10
Surface Area and Volume, Melissa Machado
Teenager or Tyke, Students Learn Best by Tackling Challenging Math. Northwest Teacher Spring 2000 Missy Fowler
10/20/05 "Would you consider working in an urban school and how could you relate to the students there?" Crystal Nilsson Patterns, Relations and Algebra, Grades 8-10
Exponents and Rational Expressions, Missy Fowler
Bay-Williams, J. M. Poetry in Motion: Using Shel Silverstein's Works to Engage Students in Mathematics. Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School v. 10 no. 8 (April 2005) p. 386-93 Adam Rosen
10/27/05 "If you were required to use a text that you didn't like, how would you ensure your students get the best possible education?" Kevin Quigley Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability, Grades 6-8
Experimental Probability, Adam Rosen
Promoting Reading Strategies for Developmental Mathematics Textbooks and Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review (SQ3R) Lisa Corliss
Portfolio Project
Discussion of end of semester activities. Geometry, Grades 10-12
Dilations, Courtney Talbot
Peressini, D. D. Building bridges between diverse families and the classroom: involving parents in school mathematics. Yearbook (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) v. 1997 (1997) p. 222-9 Patricia Eddy
11/10/05 Veteran's Day Veteran's Day Veteran's Day
11/17/05 "In project-based instruction, how do you ensure that each of your students contributes their fair share?" Adam Rosen Number Sense and Operations, Grades 6-8
Applications of math to medicine, with DVD Emergency!. Fred Michaud
Chapter 7 of Math: Facing an American Phobia Courtney Talbot
11/24/05 Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Thanksgiving
12/1/05 "What precautions will you take to protect yourself from false accusations?" Missy Fowler Symmetries and Quilts, Pizza place selection, and Paper folding. "The Math Myth" and related articles, Time magazine, March 7, 2005. Fred Michaud
12/8/05 Bulletin Board Decoration Bulletin Board Decoration Pizza Party Planning
Field Experience Report
Pizza Party Special Guest Chris Christopher  

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