COMP203 Final Presentation

Instead of a final exam you will be doing a ten minute group presentation on a Maple application. Your presentation will be followed by a question and answer session during which any member of your group may be asked to demonstrate the use of the Maple commands you presented. Please have a Maple worksheet prepared with some sample commands.

There are many forms your presentation can take. You could create a web site or wiki displaying information about the Maple package and use the ten minutes for a guided tour of your site. You could give a Powerpoint presentation. You could create a Maple worksheet and assist the class in working through it. The Communications Lab in the Academic Achievement Center may be able to help you come up with ideas, organize your talk, or polish your presentation.

Grading: Your grade will be weighted based on a peer evaluation of your contributions to the group. Your grade on the presentation will be computed as follows:

10%*(peer assessment completion) + 90%*(group contribution total/3)*(7*presentation grade)

The presentation grade will be scored according to the rubric below. It will be based on three features: quality of presentation, appropriate use of Maple, and group mastery of Maple calculations. Each feature will be graded on a scale of 0 to 5. Although it is possible to receive a presentation grade of 15, any grade over 11 will be considered an "A" grade.

Score Presentation
5 It is clear what you are using Maple for and how you are using it. Presentation holds audience attention.
4 It is clear what you are using Maple for and how you are usnig it.
2 Purpose or calculations are unclear from the presentation.
1 Presentation is confusing or disorganized.

Score Content
5 Maple is clearly useful and well used in solving the problem presented.
4 Maple is used to solve the problem presented.
2 It's possible to solve the problem presented by using Maple, but it's not entirely clear from the presentation how this could be done.
1 Maple does not seem useful for solving this problem.

Score Comprehension
5 All group members have mastered relevant Maple commands.
4 At least one group member has mastered each relevant command.
2 Some necessary calculations are poorly understood by the group.
1 The group seems unable to use Maple to answer questions "on the fly".