COMP203: Lecture 19

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Final Presentation

Your final presentation is worth 10% of your grade. With a group of 2 or 3 your peers, you will give a presentation on using Maple to solve some problem that has been chosen to match your interests and abilities. If there are particular students you would like to work with or a particular problem you would like to work on, please let me know.

Sample Projects

Your grade on the presentation will be based on a rubric similar to this sample rubric. As you can see from the formula given on the rubric, part of your grade will be on your completion of peer evaluations and on the scores your peers give you. Your peers' evaluations of your presentation will be taken into consideration when determining your score out of 15 on the rubric. This score will be weighted by your group members' evaluations of your contributions to the group. Group contributions will be scored according to this rubric.

Additional Functions

On Thursday we will start programming in Maple. Today's worksheet introduces several functions that are used in that portion of the course. For example, you will learn four different commands to round decimal numbers up or down to integers. Pay particular attention to Maple's rand() function. Make sure you sincerely attempt the exercises before looking at the solutions. This function will be essential to completing future homework assignments.