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Chemistry OutReach Program - Spring 2005

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Since 1999, over 150 Bridgewater State College (BSC) science students have visited dozens of local elementary, middle, and secondary schools throughout Southeastern Massachusetts performing chemistry "Magic" with school children. The goals of the Chemistry OutReach Program are to inspire curiosity and excitement; show kids that science is fun, safe and important; demonstrate that men and women can be scientists; and to provide a service-learning opportunity for BSC students considering science teaching as a career. BSC research students are bringing the advances of Green Chemistry to high school students through structured group activities focused on the Green Chemistry research at BSC and elsewhere. The goal of the Green Chemistry OutReach is to make students more aware of the current state of the environment, the Green Chemistry advances that have been brought forth, and what they can do as future scientists to promote and practice more chemically "Green" attitudes.

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