"Cefalu Queen" copper foiled glass with fused elements

Digital image developed from ceramic form "Ancestral Trio -  Golden Girls" Ancestor series



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   June 2000  (images and article on computer manipulated images)   

January 2004  (Images from Japan: )  







"Green"  digital print


Course schedule    Spring 2014   

ARTS 273,373,473 & 573  Glass all levels      M/W      2:30 - 5:15

ARTS 492  Topics: Glass Fusing                        M/W      5:15 - 8:15



ARTS 273/373/376/573  Glass      

Web page with 2 D Design students art work  - Artists Books


  Machu Picchu Peru  Jan 2010



Artist's Books:   

"Sunny Meadow"


"Japan Now:  A Virtual Kimono"         (A web page artist's book using computer manipulated images taken during travel to Japan in May 2003.)



"Raven"  Copper foiled glass  20 inches diameter


"Ancestor Series"  low fire whiteware and earthernware


"Garden Spirit II"  copper foiled glass with fused elements

  "Garden Spirit I" coppe rfoiled glass with fused and found elements

"Day Lilies"  2  copper foiled glass panels


"Corn Women"  Earthenware & Wood 12" tall

"Bridgewater Bear"  Stained glass window in the Tinsley Field House fitness center  - compled spring 2003

"Bridgewater Bear"  Copper foiled glass  20" diameter