BIOL 100  General Principles of Biology (4 credits)



 The biological principles at the cellular and organismal levels are discussed.  The topics covered include cell structure, respiration, photosynthesis, osmosis, enzymes, DNA and protein synthesis, genetics, ecology, and evolution.  Three hours of lecture and one two-hour lab weekly.





         BIOL 122  General Biology II (4 credits)


 A survey of the major groups of organisms, their morphology, physiology, evolution and ecology.  Three hours of lecture & one three-hour lab weekly.








BIOL 327  Wetlands Ecology (4 credits)

 A course that considers the values, functions, protection and recognition of wetlands.  Field trips will allow students to investigate wetlands of southeastern Massachusetts.  Three hours of lecture and one three-hour lab weekly.




 Invasion Ecology will introduce you to “Biological Pollution” and examine the properties of invasive species and invaded communities, heavily relying on case studies as illustration.  We will review examples of different organisms—microbes, vertebrates, invertebrates, and plants—and how they alter ecosystems, endanger public health, local economies, and traditional cultures.  The laboratory will investigate local invasions in MA and reinforce scientific data gathering, analysis, and writing.  Fulfills CWRM requirement in Biology major.


                                        BIOL 423  Invasion Ecology (4 credits)