The Rocky Horror Corporation will begin business operations on January 1, 1996.  Below is 
the anticipated SALES BUDGET (in units):

Jan.		__0,000
Feb.		__0,000
Mar.		__0,000
Apr.		__0,000
May		__0,000

1)   To complete the unit sales forecast, use your student identification number to fill
 in the 
blanks.   If your number contains a  "0",  use "3" instead.   
Example:   Student ID number is 146073578.   The sales forecast would be:

January	        10,000
February	40,000
March		60,000
April		30,000
May		70,000

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION    (note: underlined boldface numbers will change in REQUIREMENT 2.)

a.	Ending finished goods inventory should be equal to 50% of next month's sales projection.

b.	Each unit requires 3 pounds of material at a raw material cost
 of $4 per pound.

c:	Labor cost is $10 per unit produced.

d.	Ending raw material inventory should be equal to 20% of next month's material requirement.

e.	Factory overhead is $18,000 per month of which $3,000 is for depreciation.

f.	All costs are paid in the month incurred except for purchases which is paid in the following month.

REQUIRED:   Using MS-Excel or Lotus 1-2-3

1.		*   Prepare a PRODUCTION BUDGET for the first quarter (January through March).
		*   Prepare a Raw Materials PURCH
ASES BUDGET for the first quarter (Jan.through Mar.)
		*   Prepare a CASH DISBURSEMENTS budget for the first quarter (January through March).

2.	Repeat requirement 1 for the following assumptions:

	Ending Finished Goods	        Ending Raw Material	         Raw Material
	       Inventory		     Inventory			Cost per Pound
A.		20%				80%				$3	
B.		40%				60%				$5
C.		60%				40%				$6
D.		80%				20%				$4

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