Recent Publications

Morse, B. J., Weinhardt, J. M., Griffeth, R. W., & de Oliveria, M. Z. (2014). Cross-cultural measurement invariance of the Employment Opportunity Index (EOI) in Mexican and Brazilian professionals.International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 22(2), 139-148.

Vancouver, J. B., Gullekson, N. L., Morse, B. J. & Warren, M. A. (2014). Finding a between-person negative effect of self-efficacy on performance: Not just a within-person effect anymore. Human Performance, 27(3), 243-261.

Silvia, Z., King, T. K., & Morse, B. J. (2014). Virtual ideals: The effect of video game play on male body image. Computers in Human Behavior, 37, 183-188.

Morse, B. J. (2013). Measuring the stuff of thought: Psychology and its Discontents. Bridgewater Review, 32(2), 4-7.

Morse, B. J. (2013). Replicate this!: Creating individual-level data from summary statistics using R. Teaching of Psychology, 40(2), 143-147.

Morse, B. J. (2012). MorseGen: Simple raw data generator based on user-specified summary statistics. R package version 1.2.

Morse, B. J., Johanson, G. A., & Griffeth, R. W. (2012). Using the graded response model to control spurious interactions in moderated multiple regression. Applied Psychological Measurement, 36, 122 – 146.

Brendan J. Morse

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Bridgewater State University

Ph.D. | Ohio University

Industrial / Organizational Psychology

M.S. | Ohio University

Industrial / Organizational Psychology

B.S. | Penn State University


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