PHIL 449- Senior Seminar for Philosophy Minor – Spring 18

Syllabus – keep handy for reference


Dr. Aeon J. Skoble

341 Tillinghast, x2460

Email:     Web:

Office hours: MTR 11-12, or by appointment


Required Texts:

A Philosopher’s Compass, Jonathan Jacobs (Thomson/Wadsworth)

Additional readings to be distributed in class or via web


Overview and objectives:

This course will integrate your previous studies in philosophy with your present work, culminating in a reflective essay on your philosophical progress and your understanding of the applications of philosophy to your major field as well as other disciplines. Students and philosophy faculty will engage in discussions based on selected readings and research presentations by the faculty in various areas of philosophy.  Like all capstones, this course is meant to prompt reflection on the program.  As philosophy minors, you all have another field of study, so you should be able to reflect back both on your growth in philosophy and on how you see philosophy relating to your major.  We will use the Jacobs book primarily as a reference work.  We will use a wide variety of readings to stimulate discussion and reflection, but the main “texts” for the course are all of your philosophical writings to date.



This is a one-credit class.  We meet once weekly for discussion, so your presence and participation is critical.  Above that, the reflective essay that is the central product of the capstone should be 11-12 pages, and is due May 2nd.


General Outline: 

Jan 22 – intro

Jan 29

Feb 5 (meet in Heritage Room)

Feb 12

Feb 19 (class meets WED 2/21)

Feb 26

Mar 5 – spring break week

Mar 12 –

Mar 19

Mar 26

Apr 2

Apr 9

Apr 16 –no class, state holiday

Apr 23 --

Apr 30 -