Some things I've written -- I'll add more periodically.

Here's a podcast I did on anarchism and liberalism.

Why Liberalism Needs Metaphysical Realism, from Reason Papers v. 42 no. 1, a symposium on Rasmussen and Den Uyl's 2020 book The Realist Turn: Repositioning Liberalism

Full, free PDF of my short monograph on Nozick for the Fraser Institute's "Essential Scholars" series:  The Essential Robert Nozick

Thoughts on Scheallís F. A. Hayek and the Epistemology of Politics: Whither Democracy?   from Reason Papers v. 41 no 2, a symposium on Scott Scheallís book F. A. Hayek and the Epistemology of Politics: The Curious Task of Economics

Here's my 2005 essay "Superhero Revisionism in Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns," from Superheroes and Philosophy, edited by Tom Morris and Matt Morris (Chicago: Open Court, 2005).
What did I think of the film version?  Liked it a lot.

Here's my essay on disaster relief, from Liberty and Hard Cases, T. R. Machan (ed.), Hoover Institute Press, 2002.

Here is a podcast of a talk I gave "Property Rights as Human Rights" - this was at St. Lawrence University, 11/4/2010.   (I gave a version of this talk at Providence College 10/11/12, but that wasn't recorded.)

My thoughts on the ethics of vigilantism, via a study of Taxi Driver