Spring 2017

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Here is the course syllabus.  Check back periodically for additional readings or information.

Why not cheat on exams?
Regan and Foot readings are here.  Richter handout is here.   Relativism slides. "Why be moral" slidesNietzsche slidesMorality and religion slidesNatural law slidesAquinas slides.

After reading chapter 4 in your book, also read the "Letter from Birmingham Jail" by Martin Luther King, Jr. for Thursday.

TUES 2/21: First midterm exam.  Review guide here.

Bonus President's Day reading with classical virtue theme here.  No class 2/23.  For 2/27, read chapter 6.

Kant slides Bentham slides Mill slides Contractarianism slides

REMINDER:  Second Midterm Exam has been rescheduled for APRIL 4

Optional Saturday seminar in March: Info here (extra credit opportunity; must register and sign in)
Optional guest lecture "Inequality, Mobility, and Being Poor in America" - 3/28, 12:15, Heritage Room (extra credit opportunity; must sign in)

MAR 23-28 -- Chapter 5, your next assignment, features David Hume.  Hume represents part of what we now call the "Scottish Enlightenment" school of thought.  We need to consider two other figures from this tradition.  First, watch this short video on Francis Hutcheson.  Hutcheson was followed by Adam Smith and David Hume.  Chapter 5 of your book is the reading for Hume.   There's a short video on Hume as well.  This brings us to Smith.  The "additional reading" mentioned on the syllabus is a selection from The Theory of Moral Sentiments by Adam Smith.  Go to Part III, chapters 2-3.   Also this short video on Smith.
Scottish Enlightenment Slides

No class on 3/30; 2nd Midterm on 4/4    Review guide here.

Aristotle slides.  Contemporary virtue ethics slides.

Your final exam has been scheduled by the registrar's office for May 4, 8:00 am.  Review guide here.