Worksheet for Information Literacy and Technology in Philosophy


Welcome, Philosophy Majors!


The BSU Core Curriculum states that:  “Each major must identify the means by which its students will achieve competence in information literacy and technology as appropriate to the discipline.”  As part of your work this semester in PHIL302, you must print out and complete this checklist, and submit it to the department chair.   NOTE: If you have already completed this task for PHIL301, 303, or 304, you do not need to do it again.


1. Print information literacy requirement:

š        Using The Philosopher’s Index, in Maxwell Library, locate citations for two essays or books published in the last 18 months, one of which is on the subject of Maimonides and one of which is on the medieval problem of universals.

š        Find an older journal article in Maxwell Library’s journal collection on one of the same topics.

š        Find the sections in Maxwell where philosophy books are located, physically go there, and find a book relating to this topic.


2. Smart navigation skills for internet research requirement:

š        Using internet search engines, find an article on Abelard which you have good reason for thinking is authoritative.

š        Identify the criteria by which you made this determination.


3. On-line resource requirement 1:

š        Find Anselm’s Proslogion in an on-line text repository.

š        Also find bibliographical information pertaining to medieval philosophy.


4. On-line resources requirement 2:

š        Locate three on-line guides to philosophy, and rank them by reliability and comprehensiveness.


5. On-line resources requirement 3:

š        Go to and

š        On one of the two sites, find something which pertains to medieval philosophy this semester, and ascertain its reliability.


6. Journal requirement:
Find a philosophy journal which has an on-line presence, and identify the submission requirements for both paper and electronic submission.


7. Communication requirement:

š        Find the website of the American Philosophical Association.

š        Find any weblog written by a philosopher.

š        Find the BSU Philosophy Club’s Blackboard site and post a message to the discussion board in the Medieval Philosophy thread.


8. Answer the following questions:
a. what is a .pdf file, and how would you make one?

b. what is html, and how would you use it?