General advising: please be sure to see me prior to the registration period, so we can review your degree audit and I can clear you for web-based or paper registration. Once we've met, you'll be able to register on-line.  You're also welcome to consult with me about your educational and career plans, or simply to drop by to discuss philosophy.  Philosophy majors and minors can select any of the philosophy faculty as an advisor. 






Pre-law advising: As one of BSU's two pre-law advisors, I am available to you as a resource regardless of whether or not you're a philosophy major.  While philosophy offers much of value for the pre-law student, several other majors do also, and you may consult with me regarding your law school plans no matter what your major is.  Pre-law advising isn't related to the sort of advising that precedes registration, so remember you will need to see your regular advisor for that.   You may also be interested in the BSU and UMass Law 3+3 Program, a new program which allows you to proceed to Law School after three years undergraduate. For information on that, click here.








BSU Philosophy Club:  The Philosophy Club is a student-run organization which operates independently of faculty supervision, although like all student clubs, it has a faculty advisor, Prof. William Devlin.  The Philosophy Club meets periodically to discuss philosophy amongst themselves, and sometimes invites faculty to give talks and field questions.  In the future, they will be hosting visiting speakers.  The BSU Philosophy Club publishes the Bridgewater Journal of Philosophy, which is an annual showcase of the best student philosophy writing.  The Journal is edited by club officers, so for submission information contact any of them.  If you would like to see a copy of the Journal, see Prof. Devlin while supplies last.  Contact the Club's president for more information.