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Guidelines for Submissions

Ordering information for current or back issues


Please send articles with a separate cover sheet, seeing that your name appears nowhere else in the body of the paper, to facilitate blind reviewing.  Articles should be in the ballpark of 6500 words.


Unsolicited book reviews will be considered, although most will be invited (and you may also ask to be invited).  Book reviews should be in the ballpark of 2000 words.  Review essays can run to 3500 words.


Please use footnotes rather than endnotes.  (For book reviews, use internal citation style). 


If you use paper mail, please submit two copies, double-spaced and printed in a 12-point font, and if at all possible accompanied by a copy on floppy disk.  (Scroll to bottom of this page for address.)


If you want to email a submission, you may attach Word files or WordPerfect files in most versions, and I'll almost certainly be able to open it, but I reserve the right to complain if I have trouble.  Please use Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced.




Back issues are available from #8 to #12 for $8.00 each, and #14-18 and # 21-26 at $15.00 per copy.  For other numbers please inquire.  The current issue, #27,  is also $15.00.  If you order #27 and simultaneously pre-order #28 (due out this Summer), you get the early-adopter rate of $25.00.

SPECIAL SALE:  Order any one of #8-12 and get another FREE.  For example, buying #11 and #12 would cost the same as buying just #11 -- $8.00 (we pay first class shipping).  Archivers' Bonus: order all six of #8-12 for just  $20.00!  Sale continues until I get some more shelf space. 

Please inquire about library orders and long-term subscriptions.  Please make check (in US Dollars) payable to “Reason Papers.”  Prices quoted here include free first-class shipping.  

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Address all correspondence to me either by email to askoble-at-bridgew-dot-edu, or regular mail to me at the following address:

Prof. Aeon J. Skoble

Dept. of Philosophy

Bridgewater State College

Bridgewater, MA 02325