M-HEALTH. Programs  and Services

                                                                                                                                                          Mass Health Promotion (M-HLTH) is a division of  Health and Mobile Clinical         Intervention Team that specializes  in health Promotion and Disease Prevention. 

Goals and Objectives 

Our goal is to provide quality programs and services that will enhance health and wellbeing of diverse ages and populations groups at  local, state, national and international settings.  Our objective is to help people to help themselves to be healthy.

 Programs and Services                                                                                                               

Services are provided in various wellness areas at domestic and international settings. Such areas include but not limited to:                   

Since its inception over ten years ago Massachusetts health Promotion Associates, Inc. has be working dexterously in all these areas" helping people to help themselves to be healthy". In HIV/AIDS prevention and research we have been very active organizing AIDS awareness programs, psychosocial research and safer sex services.  Our ethnicity and cultural diversity program travel around public schools with a program title "Around the World."  Through this kids learn cultural differences, attitudes and behaviors.  In this area,  a lot or work has been done on DV Lottery Immigrants Health and Research which identify  problems of adjustment and social integration.  Under the Small Business Consulting (SBC),  small business are helped in various ways such as education and training, including assisting them to incorporate as a 501 ( c ) 3 and other small business related issues.  Our health and wellness programs are diversified and includes services in childhood and adult obesity and weight management through a triage of  weight control, good nutrition, and physical activities, which emphasizes the "Energy Balance Equation" concept. Our substance abuse program focuses on education and prevention.  We have state of the art techniques that help to quit smoking, alcohol and chemical dependence  or addiction


Services are provided by well educated, certified and licensed professionals   who are caring and willing to assist clients in  assessment, treatment and referral  which will improve  and restore health. Programs  are accessible and affordable, and accountability is our responsibilities. 

Contact Information

Health and Mobile Clinical Intervention Team                                              Division of Health Promotion (M-HLTH)                                                                                     

25Central Square, Suite                                                                                                                                             Bridgewater,  MA    02324                                                                                                                    Phone: (508)  279  9700

E-mail:  hamcis@verizon.ne

For additional information call 508 279 9700 for appointment.