Selected Media Appearances



Béliveau was a Model Player.” Television Interview, CTV News Channel, 10 December 2014.



“How Canada is perceived around the world: Canadian Studies teachers and researchers comment on Canada” By Daniel Schwartz, CBC News.

Posted July 1, 2015 5:00 AM ET.



Interviewee on the subject of Hockey and Community in Canada

CBC Radio One. Prince George, BC (Host: Betsy Trumpener) Recorded and Aired: 13 July 2012.

CBC Radio One. Whitehorse, Yukon (Host: Sandi Coleman) Recorded: 13 July 2012. Aired: 16 July 2012.



"Journeys into Hockey" with Eric Model. Interview with Andrew C. Holman about his edited collection of essays, Canada's Game (21 February 2011. 22 minutes). Full interview is available at:



Featured commentator in PBS film "Hockey: More than a Game" (one-hour documentary that premiered on WNED (Buffalo) 1 December 2011; also aired on PBS television stations across the U.S. including Burlington VT, Detroit, Seattle and Spokane in early December, 2011; Boston, Milwaukee, Plattsburgh, Providence, Lexington KY, Denver and others in 2012).



Interview with Andrew C. Holman about his edited collection of essays, Canada's Game. Host: John Winters, Bridgewater State University (14 October 2009. 6 minutes, 11 seconds).

Rebroadcast as:

"Hockey's Close to the Heart of Andy Holman" by David Wolcott, GateHouse News Service, 17 December 2009.


"Hockey’s close to the heart of ex-McGill football player Andy Holman" Reprint. McGill Athletics Alumni News.



Quoted in Newspaper and Magazine Articles

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John Rash, "U.S.-Canada: Two countries, increasingly interwined" Minneapolis Star-Tribune, 21 December 2012.


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"For Canada, a Gold that Means Most" by John Branch, New York Times, 1 March 2010.


"Hockey more than game to Canada" by Scott M. Reid, Orange County Register, 9 February 2010


"Skating for glory Amputee hockey players vie for international recognition" by Tenley Woodman, Boston Herald, 17 February 2008:

Reprinted on USA Hockey website:


"This College Hockey Team Puts Love over Glory" by Paul Harber, Boston Globe, 21 January 2001.