Bridgewater State University
Mathematics Seminar
January 30, 2017, 3:30-4:30 PM

Speaker: Stephen Flood
Title: A day in the life of a WebWork Instructor

“WeBWorK is a well-tested homework system for delivering individualized mathematics homework problems over the web.” These homework problems provide immediate feedback, encourage group work and reflection, and provide faculty with real-time statistics about student comprehension. There is a library of over 25,000 free-to-use problems covering a range of classes from developmental mathematics to advanced topics like analysis. In addition, WeBWorK includes a “problem generation” language specifically designed to allow instructors to write, randomize, and typeset beautiful mathematics questions.

This seminar will be an interactive introduction to the WebWork system, from the perspective of the student *and* the perspective of the instructor. We will begin by exploring the “student” experience of using WebWork.

We will then shift to the “instructor” perspective, and look at a range of topics from selecting problems and authoring assignments, to importing students. We will also discover several great pedagogical features of WebWork that allow you to quickly and easily identify any topics where a class is struggling.

This seminar will be interactive: Bring your laptop!

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