Bridgewater State University
Mathematics Seminar
December 1, 2014, 3:30-4:30 PM

Speaker: Heidi Burgiel
Title: Motivating Math with Unit Origami

Learn to fold a modified Sonobe module and assemble a cube! In addition to the cube (which is a stellated tetrahedron), this module can be used to stellate octahedra, icosahedra and many other deltahedra. Construction of these beautiful objects motivates many mathematical questions. What size paper would you need to create a one inch cube? How is the cube related to its inscribed tetrahedron? What is the angle between the original face and the stellating face? What else can we make from this unit? How can we describe or enumerate the possibilities? From crafting holiday ornaments to engaging students, unit origami is intriguing and rewarding.

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